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Alumi-Flash Systems

New construction flashings for all roof types

The Portals Plus Alumi-Flash is compatible with all types of roof systems and makes pitch pans obsolete. Due to the flexibility of the EPDM rubber caps, roof leaks are eliminated because penetrations are allowed to expand, contract, and vibrate independently of the water proofing. There are five (5) caps available which can accommodate a variety of pipes, tubes, and angle irons from .375" through 12". The caps are molded EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber which is compounded to resist degradation due to oxidation or exposure to ozone and ultraviolet rays, while having a serviceable temperature range of -60F to +270F. The caps are mechanically sealed to the Alumi-Flash base with a double "Weather-Tight Pressure Seal", which consists of two (2) beads formed into the collar that mate with the double grooves on the inside of the caps. The base must be roofed in, using good roofing practices. Together, the cap and base provide a permanent, watertight and maintenance-free means for penetrating roofs that is simple and easy to install.

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