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Pipe Mounting Pedestals

The solution for mounting rooftop pipes

Pipe Mounting Pedestals are the ultimate solution to mounting pipe runs across rooftops and are designed for all types of roof systems.  Provides a uniform mounting pedestal for gas pipes, steam lines,refrigerant piping, water pipes, process piping, conduits, and other rooftop piping.  Manufactured with a Portals Plus Equipment Rail as the base unit assures a proper mounting and flashing system for the roofing assembly, while the pipe roller assembly allows for pipe movement from expansion and contraction, yet secures the pipe to the assembly to prevent dislodgement.  The pipe roller assembly provides full12" vertical and horizontal adjustments to allow mounting piping level and straight across the rooftop.  For weather protection, the pipe roller is solid cast iron and all exposed materials are manufactured of galvanized steel.  The Equipment Rail is also manufactured of galvanized steel with a wood nailer for securingthe flashing assembly.  Provides quick and easy installation and allows for future reroofing without disturb-ing piping and related interior processes.  Replaces inadequate wood blocking, plastic supports, and alltypes of supports that bear directly on the roof system which compress roof insulation, damage roof membranes, and create ponding water conditions which promote the growth of algae and early failure ofthe roofing system.

Types of Equipment Rails

Overview of Pipe Mouting Pedestals

Overview of Pipe Mounting Pedestals