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Pipe Flashings

Flashings for all size penetrations for single ply roofs

The "Pipe Boot" is an economical flashing designed for single pipe penetrations on single ply rubber and thermoplastic roofs.  The unit will accomodate virtually all pipe sizes:  1.75" and 2.75" on Small Pipe Boot, 1" through 6" on Medium Pipe Boot and 8" through 12" on Large Pipe Boot.  Pipe Boots are available in EPDM, TPO, PVC, or Neoprene material.  The Quadraseal is designed to allow as many as four pipes up to 2" in diameter to pass through one flashing.  Quadraseals are available in EPDM material only.  The conically shaped steps of the Portals Plus pipe flashing will securely seal all pipes and the large double thick molded rib at the top of each step offers supreme tear resistance and reinforcement, as well as a cutting guide.  Utilizing the Pipe Flashings eliminates the workmanship error in field fabrication and makes flashing pipes a clean, consistent approach. Adapters for round, square tube, and angle iron are available to fit most pipe boots.