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Roof Flashings

Solutions for Roof Leak Problems

For all types of roofs

Good roofing practice allows penetration movement independent of the roof. This requires a flexible seal at the penetration and proper attachment to the roof. With the complexity and assortment of roofing systems available today, a variety of designs is required to work with all conditions.A good flashing system must be versatile, economical, maintenance-free, simple to install and adapt to multiple penetrations and angle irons, yet have uniformity allowing fast, easy installation and specification.All components must be weather resistant, approved by the industry, and, above all, eliminate leaks.


  • Very costly
  • Pipe projection not sealed
  • Limited pipe direction
  • Does not allow for movement
  • Temporary seal
  • Continual maintenance
  • Major cause of roof damage


  • Allows penetration movement
  • Maintenance free 
  • Economical and uniform 
  • Accommodates multiple projections 
  • No need to disconnect lines  
  • Eliminates leaks 
  • Permanent 
  • Simple and fast to install

Sources of Trouble

Realistic Answers

Roof leaks are the biggest problem of architects and building owners. Extreme roof temperature changes require durable and flexible flashings. The National Roofing Contractors Association states: "Pitch pockets or pans by their design, are not intended to be continuously watertight. Their use should not be encouraged since better methods are available to accomplish the same end. Pitch pans or pockets require frequent inspection and maintenance, and usually a great deal of damage can occur before the leak around a pitch pan or pocket is evident."