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Plasti Flash Systems

New construction flashings for thermoplastic roof systems

Plasti-Flash is a unique flashing product manufactured by Portals Plus for Thermoplastic roofing sys-tems.  The base unit is molded of solid white PVC which is specially formulated to withstand ultraviolet degradation, plasticizer migration, and severe temperatures.  The Plasti-Flash base is easily welded by means of hot air or solvents as the roof membrane manufacturer recommends.  To complete the flashing seal, a white EPDM rubber cap locks on to the base unit by means of the exclusive "Weather-Tite Pressure Seal" which consists of two (2) beads molded into the collar of the base which mate into double grooves inside the EPDM cap.  The white EPDM cap is available in a choice of either the C-126 for a single penetration up to 6" or the C-212 for as many four penetrations up to 2".  Also available is a RetrofitPlasti-Flash base with a black EPDM SC-36 split Retrofit Cap for single penetrations which can not be disconnected.

Available Adapters

Plasti Flash General