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Retrofit Flashing Systems

For existing penetrations that can not be disconnected

The Retrofit Flashing offers a quick and easy installation, eliminating roof leaks at pipes and other roof penetrations without disconnecting the penetration.  However, the Retrofit still allows for movement between the penetration and roof, while maintaining a perfect seal.  The perfect seal is achieved with an integral tongue and groove closure, plus an overlapping flap, and is mechanically fastened with stainless steel hardware, which is included.  Retrofit Flashings are available in EPDM for singleply roofing and Neoprene for built-up asphalt, coal tar pitch, modified bitumen, and cold process systems.  Both material shave excellent resistance to ozone and ultraviolet degradation and a serviceable temperature range of-60 F to +270 F.  There are two Retrofits available:  Small, for pipes up to 3" and Large, for pipes 3.5 "through 6".  The Retrofit Flashings also have the added benefit of a variety of adapter rings allowing foreven greater versatility.  By using the Retrofit Adapter Rings, projections with unusual shapes can be flashed in a positive and secure manner.