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ReRoof Drains

Drain inserts for retrofit applications

The Portals Plus ReRoof Drain is designed for the easiest and most reliable installation for use in conjunction with an existing drain when reroofing.  The unit is based on a flat underside flange for flush roofing material installation.  A special precompressed modified asphalt impregnated expanding foam sealing tape automatically makes  a permanent elastic watertight seal to the existing drain, eliminating water backup.  The flange and outlet tube are available in aluminum, PVC, or high temperature ABS. ReRoof Drains are available to fit 2", 3", 4", 5", and 6" drains.

The drain is completely installed on the roof top with NO special tools and all hardware is stainless steel.The unit is available with either plastic or cast aluminum dome strainer and the outlet tube gives minimum downsizing to the existing drain.  The Portals Plus ReRoof Drain makes a perfect roofing termination pointand offers an excellent connection to the plumbing below.

ReRoof Drains

Types of Materials Offered

Reroof Material Options