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Large Pipe Boot

Large Pipe Boot


  • Furnish and install the Portals Plus Large Pipe Boot at all points where any projection penetrates the roof system, and is from 8" to 12" or 6" to 12" in diameter. 
  • The Large Pipe Boot shall include 60 mil EPDM or NEOPRENE compression molded body.
  • The Large Pipe Boot shall also include Portals Plus' Snaplock Clamp. 
  • Use white or black as necessary. 
  • Attachment of Large Pipe Boot to roof system shall be done in accordance with Portals Plus Installation Instructionsand the roofing membrane manufacturer's requirements.
Part #Description QTY/CTN
42121LARGE- BLACK EPDM 8" -12"5
42151LARGE- WHITE EPDM 8" - 12"5
42161LARGE- BLACK EPDM 6" -12"5
42181LARGE- BLACK NEOPRENE 8" - 12"5

8-12" Pipe Boot                                                  

Large Pipe Boot Dimensional                                                               





6-12" Pipe Boot