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Medium Pipe Boot

Medium Pipe Boot


  • Furnish and install the Portals Plus Medium Pipe Boot at all points whereany projection penetrates the roof system, and is less than 6" in diameter. 
  • The Medium Pipe Boot shall include 60 mil EPDM or NEOPRENE compression molded body and shall include 70 mil PVC (Polyvinyl Chlo-ride) or TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin) injection molded body.
  • The Medium Pipe Boot shall also include Portals Plus' Snaplock Clamp.
  • Whenever necessary utilize Portals Plus Adapters to seal to square tubing and angle iron and for round penetrations less than 1" in diameter. 
  • Use white or black as necessary. 
  • Attachment of Medium Pipe Boot to roof system shall be done in accordance with Portals Plus Installation Instructions and the roofing membrane manufacturer's requirements.
Part #Description QTY/CTN
42110MEDIUM-BLACK EPDM 1"- 6"10
42140MEDIUM-WHITE EPDM 1" - 6"10
46209MEDIUM-WHITE TPO 1"- 6"10

Medium Pipe Boot Dimensional