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Premolded corners

Premolded corners


Premolded Corners

Pre-manufactured inside & outside corners for all roof systems

Outside corners provide a guaranteed, uniform, permanent corner seal. Portals Plus Corners eliminate the cutting, folding, stretching and cementing of materials into unnatural shapes. The Outside Corners have expansion radii molded into the spine to accommodate any construction irregularities. All edges on Portals Plus Corners are feathered to allow the best possible adhesion. Outside Corners are available with or without cant and are used to flash roof curbs and skylight corners. Inside Corners simplify the difficult detail of terminating roofing materials at corners. All Portals Plus Premolded Corners have seamless molded construction and are essential to a leak-free roof. Reduce the high cost of installation and the even higher cost of repairs by using Premolded Corners. Fast, positive, watertight corner details are important for preventing costly leaks. Corners are available in EPDM, TPO, PVC or Neoprene material.