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Aluminum Shingle Flashing

Aluminum Shingle Flashing


Submittal Data (56 KB, PDF)
  • Furnish and install Portals Plus Aluminum Shingle Flash-ings as manufactured by Portals Plus, Inc. at all round penetrations, from 1.25" through 4",occuring in shingle roofing systems under 40° slope oras shown on drawings.
  • The Shingle Flashings shall consist of an elastomeric collar integrally locked into a rigid base of .032 mill finish aluminum. 
  • The elastomeric collar shall be resistant too zone, ultraviolet degradation, and temperature ex-tremes. 
  • The base shall be rust resistant. 
  • All Shingle Flashings shall be listed by UPC, SBC, and BOCA.
  • Shingle Flashings shall be installed in accordance withthe shingle roofing manufacturer's recommendations.
Part #SizeDescription QTY/CTN
852091.25"-1.50"ALUMINUM FLASHING BASEw/ Elastomeric collar12
852192"ALUMINUM FLASHING BASEw/ Elastomeric collar12
852293"ALUMINUM FLASHING BASEw/ Elastomeric collar12
852394"ALUMINUM FLASHING BASEw/ Elastomeric collar12

Aluminum Shingle Flashing Dimensional