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ER-3A Style

ER-3A Style


Submittal Data (349 KB, PDF)
  • The equipment rails shall be 18 gauge galvanized steel, monolithic construction, with integral base plate
  • Continuous welded corner seams,factory installed 2 x 4 wood nailer and including an 18 gauge galvanized counter-flashing complete with screws.
  • On Built-Up or Modified Bitumen Roofing, Concrete, or Wood Decks without insulation usestyle ER-3A with built-in cant extended to fullmitered corners with a height of 8" overall.
Part #Description QTY/CTN
35331ER-3A RAIL 8" HIGH x 3 FEET LONG1
35341ER-3A RAIL 8" HIGH x 4 FEET LONG1
35361ER-3A RAIL 8" HIGH x 6 FEET LONG1

ER-3A Dimensional